How do I tie a tie

How do I tie a tie?

With thousands of errands to run each morning, you almost never have enough time for that last bit of dressing up i.e. tie the tie. And when in those few fumbled minutes all you can manage is a sloppy rumpled up knot, don’t you just wish you could be guided through some quick and easy steps on how to tie a tie in no time. If you are often puzzled about how to get the right tie-knot that complements your best business suits, a quick read through the below pointers might help.

A well tied tie-knot is a like a cherry on the top for a complete professional look. Neck-ties are key components of your outfit and only a little practise can equip you with the skill of tying the perfect knot in a jiffy. The easiest way to learn how to tie a tie is through videos on the internet that demonstrate the process.

It is important to know what kind of a tie knot you want, before getting started with the process of tying a tie. There are three basic tie-knots that have been in use for ages now; the four in hand knot, the Windsor knot and the half Windsor knot. However the four in hand knot is a classic knot style which is appropriate for almost every occasion. Follow these simple instructions for a perfect four in hand knot:

Firstly, make sure that the wide end of the necktie is placed on your right side and much below the narrow end of the tie. Now, roll the wide end underneath the narrow end, and bring it across to the front forming a loop. Pass the wide end up through the loop and holding the knot loosely again, try and pass it through the loop in the front. Hold the narrow end and slide up the knot to your collar.

Put these steps into practice and you will be able to tie a designer tie with great ease and confidence. Just remember to untie your tie after use to avoid instances of permanent wrinkles setting in.

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